Story: A Rival Romance

Art by OceRydia

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Humor][AU]

Ahhh, high school. That magical time of one’s life characterized by long nights of studying, gnarly school lunches, gossipy cliques, and yes, drama, so much tantalizing, juicy drama. For Nick and Judy, star students of their whole class, they take it all in stride, focusing on their grades and after-school activities while at the same time being competitive bitter rivals. But what if their legendary rivalry was merely a ruse, a front for something more intimate going on that the fox and rabbit want to hide from their families and peers? As you can guess, shenanigans ensue! Sweet without being overly schmaltzy like these kinds of stories are wont to do, “A Rival Romance” is lively and good fun, another fantastic romance-oriented story from the prolific author that is Fox in the hen house. And moreover, it’s already shaping up to be the next big Zootopia high school AU. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Fox in the hen house

Description :
Judy Hopps, star pupil of Bunnyburrow High, is in her senior year. Her future is finally within her grasp. But after nearly a year of dealing with the smug and arrogant Nick Wilde challenging her status at the top, Judy is finding it hard to focus solely on the future and instead being drawn to the moment. And to a certain russet and black tail.

A Rival Romance
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