May the 4th Return to Zootopia!

Neato title, right? Coincidentally does well for “Return for Zootopia”, since we’re coming up on Star Wars Day!

Here we go, guys! After almost two months of waiting, we finally got a new trailer showcasing episode 4 of “Return to Zootopia” by Browntable, where they give us a little teaser on the new addition to the series.

Why is Miles in a fire? Who’s Mr. Healy’s, and what do they want with Nick and Judy? All of this and more will probably be answered in the next episode coming on May 4 (and hopefully some more Nick and Judy moments as well <3).

If you need to catch up before the new episode comes, don’t worry! It’s all right here below!

Check out the new trailer after the break. And subscribe to Browntable for the amazing work, and to keep updated on his new videos!