Story: Familiar Fire

Art by Roahm Mythril

[Rating T13][Action][Adventure][Sci-Fi][AU][OC][Complete]

A fascinating character study from the prolifically talented VariableMammal, set in an alternate universe that’s about superpowers, the fight between good and evil, and a lost vixen who strives to find a purpose for her life with the unique abilities she has. On top of harnessing the raging inferno that’s constantly burning inside her, Brittany Voxen has to decide what she wants to use her powers for, undergoing an intense personal journey of self-discovery that’s full of surprises. Brittany is a fully realized OC, someone who you’ll be rooting for and sympathizing with when the going gets rough, and her tale is an incredible one, with the regular assortment of Zootopia characters making up the supporting cast. Entertaining and always firing on all cylinders with its action and character development, “Familiar Fire” is a red-hot must-read in the Zootopia superhero fanfiction subgenre. ~DrummerMax64

Author: VariableMammal

Description :
In a different Zootopia, some mammals are born with fantastic powers. For a hundred years, the “empowered” have roamed around the earth, though there is an unusual concentration of them in the Gleaming City. This is the story of one of those mammals. Struggling with her abilities and power, Brittany Voxen must face the difficulty of growing up in the world of the Zootopia Empowered Divison, where there are many other empowered mammals under the charge of Commander Bogo. Through it all, Brittany must learn where her feelings and allegiances lie. Not all empowered mammals use their abilities for noble ends, and some toe a gray line….

Familiar Fire

Additional Tags: When you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.