Art of the Day #190 Even More WildeHopps

Nick and Judy on the Town by @dogear218
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Once again, it’s time to check in with Zootopia’s first couple, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. WILL they finally hook up in the sequel? Is there even going to be a sequel?

In any case, this is going to post one huge dilemma for Howard, Moore, et al. when the time comes to start work on Zootopia 2. Whether they choose to ship Nick and Judy or not, SOMEBODY isn’t going to like it.

In the meantime, let’s add a bit more fuel to that fire with another batch of fantastic Wildehopps art!

Get your art after the break!

a pretty good cop by TheWinterBunny
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no one cares by TheWinterBunny
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you know you love me by TheWinterBunny
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cute meter maid by TheWinterBunny
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Zootopia by LanFanarts
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Title Unknown by 眠tiredアコ 
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ズートピアの事ならなんだって知ってるby 眠tiredアコ

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ズートピア by あたりメ by あたりメ
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ZOOTOPIAまとめ by 眠tiredアコ

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ズートピア by derori@お仕事募集中

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Judy Hopps x Nick Wilde by DailyLight
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ズートピア by K.Oこうへい by K.Oこうへい
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Title Unknown by 眠tiredアコ
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Nick x Judy by GarandMusic
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Nick and Judy love by tania-21
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Embraced by TheWyvernsWeaver
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Nick and Judy perfect couple by Tomb-Raider18
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Nick and Judy dancing by Tomb-Raider18
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I Finally Watched Zootopia by AppleJJuice
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A Day at the Beach by hvit-ravn
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Beast of Burden by 馬文
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専用ひじ置き by おぬこ

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ズートピアらくがき詰め by ぼ by ぼ
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最高のバディ!【2枚目擬人化】by はたけ

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Princess Hug by なしる by なしる
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Zootopia by thetangles
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Zootopia by thetangles
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Leap by latex
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  1. My favorite kind of art 🙂

    I really hope they at least leave their relationship open for the audience to interpret in the sequel. Meaning don't pair them up with anyone else, or otherwise outright say they can't be together. And if they do get together, let it happen naturally. Keep that great dynamic that they already have. IMO if any pair is perfect for each other, it's Nick and Judy.

  2. I like the hero's journey a lot better when there is a theme of camaraderie and companionship in it. It's why some of the best stories ever written have been group-based, such as Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, the Avengers, and this pair-up. Judy and Nick meant a lot to each other, whether on a professional level like in the actual movie, or a romantic one like all the fans would want in a sequel or TV spin-off. They've endured a lot of hell together just to get to where they are right now after the events of the movie, and their romance felt justified and earned compared to most other Disney romances.

  3. Since it seems a chunk of the fan base will not accept the priceless banter which would ensue if one or the other of them found a date outside the department (let us be honest, Nick or Judy teasing the other about a date would be funny and in-character) or the deep development which would come of them putting their career/mission ahead of personal wants, I hope the makers will at least leave it open-ended.

    • Nice to hear you say that. I wish everyone were more like you on the subject. Some people have told me flat-out they will not read any of my stories that do not ship WildeHopps, and those were the polite ones.
      To be fair, at least one of them gave me a fair hearing on the matter.

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