Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is Now Available for Pre-Register!

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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is almost upon us! Disney has uploaded the official trailer for Disney Heroes: Battle Mode and has also put up a website showcasing the game, where you can pre-register for the game on both Android and iOS.
The new mobile game was soft-launched back in Feburary 24 in certain countries, featuring some of our beloved Zootopia characters, such as Nick, Judy and even Finnick!
Now, it’s officially ready for a global release, starting with pre-registration on its website or within the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. With pre-registration, you can receive a free hero of your choice. (Mine’s definitely gonna be Nick!)
Check out the newly released trailers and a screenshot of the new website right after the break.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Website’s Front Page


  1. Because Zootopia won't make it into Kingdom Hearts 3, that means that this game will be the closest thing I'll ever get to Zootopia and its characters in a Disney crossover RPG.

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