And The Winner Is!

ID2018 by TheWyvernsWeaver

Hello there, Lucario389 here to tell you who the winner of our most recent interview vote is!

I am glad to tell you that Kulkum and TheWyvern’sWeaver are the winners of the voting process.

Now, you are probably wondering why we’re featuring both of them together. Well, they are a package deal; can’t interview one without the other.  We’re not complaining; in fact, we’re very excited to figure out how to animate two people for the interview! 

We have a new interview team, and with the extra work that’s gonna be needed for this one, we aren’t to sure when this one will be out. So with this, we hope you are as excited for this as much as I am!

Keep an eye out for this interview in the coming month(s)!


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