Story: CA$H ONLY

Art by WastedTimeEE

[Rating M16][Crime][Humor][Incomplete]

OK, so, Duke Weaselton, right? Certainly one of the unsung heroes of the Zootopia franchise (this has been today’s red-hot take on ZNN dot com). He snags a starring role in I Write Big’s acutely entertaining “CA$H ONLY,” which finds the weasel on the run from the law after getting mixed up in a scuffle involving none other than the Big crime family — particularly, uh, kitnapping the newest addition to the family, whose godmother just so happens to be the ZPD’s star cop. It’s as zany as it sounds, and you won’t be let down by the gripping combination of humor, adventure and drama contained within. Rated M due to a whole buncha f-words, but you should be set if that doesn’t offend you. ~YFWE

Author: I Write Big

Description :
Duke kitnapped li’l Judy. You know, Fru Fru’s kit. The one who she named after Judy and so happens to be Mr. Big’s granddaughter. Anyway, now Duke’s in it for the long haul. The small time crook will have to improv his way through the biggest job he never intended all while discovering the true meaning of family!


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  1. So happy to be featured on ZNN again! Thanks for the review and I hope to continue to entertain you! By the way new chapter of CA$H ONLY will go up in 3 hours!

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