Art of the Day #192: Nick and Judy’s Top Gear

Let’s hit the streets with Nick and Judy!

Carrots and Slick on Patrol by EWS
Source [1]

Two of the most well remembered images of Zootopia are Judy’s Meter-Maid car and the Hi-Speed Pursuit SUV from the final car-chase scene. So it’s not surprising that a great deal fan-art has been dedicated to the various and sundry vehicles driven and/or ridden by Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps.

Here then is a collection of artwork featuring some of Nick and Judy’s rides…along with one or two others that they’ve encountered along the way.

Get your art after the break!


Some early ZPD cruiser concepts.  Kinda wimpy-looking if you ask me

Cop Car Concepts by jimjam-art
Source [2]

Judy’s Meter Maid car.  Another one of the early concepts that made it into the final film

Meter-Maid Cart Concept by Jim Martin
Source [3]

Pimp dat ride!

Meter Maid by akella333
Source [4]

And now a few pics of Nick and Judy with some ‘off duty’ vehicles:

Yeah, why would anybody want to drive a Porsche in the sand?  (Original comment on this pic)

Beach Porsche by brokeguy21-blog
Source [5]

Nick and Judy with an Alfa Romeo

Nick Judy Alfa by by ittybittykittytitties
Source [6]

Awwww Nick, you got yourself a Lamborghini and you’re not letting Judy drive?  For SHAME!

Sunday Drive by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [7]

All right,  now let’s have a look at some of their ‘On Duty’ Vehicles

We begin with a concept drawing of the SUV from the movie.

Zootopia SUV Car Rendering by TOKDL
Source [8]

Nick and Judy take a break in front of their cruiser.  But don’t let the relaxed attitude fool you; any second now, they may get the call.

Nick and Judy by Nyourochi
Source [9]

Yep.  High speed pursuit; go get ’em guys!

High Speed Chase by gilamasan
Source [10]

Oh no, not him again!   You’d think by now Flash would have learned his lesson. 

Zootopia : Flash, Flash! Hundred yard dash! by OrnellaDallarth
Source [11]

Uhhh, I don’t think that’s QUITE the lesson we had in mind.  Pimp dat ride, II

Flash’s Car Gets an Upgrade by Akelia 33
Source [12]

Of course a certain sloth is by no means the only miscreant on the streets of Zootopia.

zootopia tourists by leafdubois
Source [13]

Or on the highways either; looks like somebody doesn’t have his Haz-Mat paperwork in order

zootopia highway patrolby loLEEDUEOLo
Source [14]
Next, we take a look at some other possible Police Cruisers for Nick and Judy:


Zootopia The Old Patrol Car by Son44
Source [15]

A Charger; okay that’s better.  ( This is a very common Police vehicle in my neck of the woods.)

Nick Judy Charger by Masaka9 by まさ
Source [16]

Ahhh, a Challenger; even better.

challenger acceptedby oLEEDUEOLo
Source [17]

Same vehicle, different livery.  (And you thought Clawhauser was protective of his donuts!)

Hopps’ Donuts by 404bot
Source [18]

Judy finally gets to drive a Lambo…but has she bitten off a little bit more than she can chew?

Hard Judy In Lamborghini Patrol 1 by CinicalFoxOrion
Source [19]

Ooooo, now you’re talking!  I dunno what this is, but I want to see it in the sequel!   (Uhhh, but I couldn’t help noticing your door, Nick.  Does Chief Bogo know about those aftermarket speakers?)

Fast and Furry-ous by Adry53
Source [20]

Oh-kayyyy, THAT’S overkill.  This is Zootopia guys, not Gotham City!

Car Envy by HectorNY
Source [21]

And now, a couple of specialized vehicles for special terrain.

A snowmobile bike for Tundratown.  (Concept Art)

Nick on a snow-bike by Matt by Matthias Lechner
Source [22]

Sand buggy for Sahara Square.

(A friend of mine told me that this rig looks very similar to a Unimog, an industrial-strength offroad vehicle built by Mercedes-Benz.)

Nick and Judy in Sahara Square by Kingdiana
Source [23]

But it’s not only four-wheeled transportation for our intrepid Fox and Bunny.

Nick and Judy on Bike Patrol.
Note that Nick’s ride has no down tube; that’s not a mistake, there was bike built by Klein Bicycles many years ago with that same design, the Boom-Tube it was called

Try Everything ZPD Patrol Bikes by Lleu-Momiji
Source [24]

Oh come on, you call THAT a motorcycle? Judy’s meter-maid car could outrun that thing.  Seriously folks, she can do better than that.

Judy on a Motorcycle by zigrock001
Source [25]

I said better than that!

Source [26]

THERE we go; although how about letting her have turn up front, Nick?

Nick n Judy CHIPS by WieBo by Wiebo
Source [27]

And last but not least, we close with a vision of the future.

Zootopia 2022 by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [28]


  1. Show of hands: Who else wanted to do a Zootopia pattern on a real car?

    In all seriousness, I love all of these. Vehicles do not play a major role in my stories as of yet, but I want to put these in at some point.

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