【MMD Zootopia MEME】Monster (by Stardust Andrew)

Gosh, we’ve done two ZMVs and now a Zootopia MMD! All in one week! It’s crazy! But this one, is extremely well made! (even though its only 40 seconds long).

Stardust Andrew, has created this well made Zootopia MMD! It’s very fast paced, and the transitions between Nick and Judy to their OC’s are phenomenal, and the transitions also fit will to the song “Monster by Yusukekira ft GUMI“. Granted, it’s only 40 seconds long, Stardust has a couple more on his channel which you can totally check out!

Check out the full video right after the break!


  1. MMD > MikuMikuDance freeware animation program.
    I had to Google it. Never assume all your readers know what abbreviations stand for. Always use the full name once at the start and then the abbreviation is okay after that.

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