Zootopia Elevator Animation Test (by Shaofu Zhang)

Just imagine it: Clawhauser and Finnick working together on a super secret mission. It’s probably what’s happening here, but it’s a funny thought!
Shaofu Zhang, one of the character animators for Zootopia responsible for all the movement happening to our characters, has released various videos of his work — including this one, which shows a fun animation reel of Clawhauser and Finnick working together to sneak past a guard for some reason. (Maybe it’s a top secret mission.)
Check out the full video right after the break!

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  1. IMO, one of two things need to happen to Finnick and Clawhauser:

    1. The two of them get their own spin-off movie where they're the main-protagonists, and they go on their own separate adventures together from Judy and Nick's.

    2. The two join forces with Judy and Nick as the third and fourth members of their group, thus increasing the group size from just Judy and Nick alone to four heroes. Who knows? They might even incorporate a fifth member, probably the chick/heart to fill out Finnick's "smart guy" role and Clawhauser's "big guy" role. Maybe Fru Fru, Mr. Big's daughter?

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