That’s The Way I Like It But It’s Sung By Zootopia Characters (by MoreStuffFromAshChirn)

Nick and Judy Sing (by ahiru621)
Do you like random memes? I do too, who doesn’t. 

So, “That’s The Way I Like It”, a famous song all over the world by “Dead or Alive” has been sung by our favorite Zootopia character through the magic of MoreStuffFromAshChirn. The song actually fits Nick a lot, and while it does sound a bit robotic, its kinda catchy and a bit funny! Definitely worth your time!

Check out the full video right after the break! 


  1. Well, now I feel like an old fart, but the song here is the original 1975 version by K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Dead or Alive did a cover of the song in 1984, with some different lyrics and a recurring line "keep that, keep that body strong" which doesn't appear in this video at all so we know it's not the Peter Burns version.

  2. Fun song, and Nick's expression especially (from the clip in the truck) feels like a good fit. My only complaint is that the pacing on the video clips comes across as kind of choppy.

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