Top 10 Zootopia Easter Eggs You Missed (by MsMojo)

Happy Easter by nik159
Now this is something! Sure, most Easter eggs here were something I knew already, but there were a couple that caught me off guard. I didn’t even know Zootopia had referenced Steven Universe! That flew way off my radar!

MsMojo, a Youtube channel that branches off the more famous Watchmojo, is known to make top 10 videos of pop culture topics, and here, they’ve done a Top 10 Zootopia Easter Eggs video that will surely get your attention!
Compared to other Easter egg videos, this one covers the more hidden ones. Yes, some of these Easter eggs were covered in other Easter egg videos, but there were some in this video that are unique, and to me, more surprising!
Definitely check this out right after the break!



  1. Eh, WatchMojo was not really that good when it comes to recognizing and praising Zootopia's success. It's too Moana-centric, and even if it weren't, it would focus so much on so many of Disney's other, most popular movies, that it would constantly forget that Zootopia existed, let alone succeeded. And even when it does notice it, it just brings up the plot-twist at the end of the movie, and then toss it out and never bring it up again in-exchange for everything else that's safer and more profitable to Disney than Zootopia for some unknown reason. And, when it's not the plot twist, it's just an honorable mention that fades out of existence just as quickly afterward.

  2. The Zootopia / Steven Universe donut store easter egg is not entirely accurate. The directors of Zootopia confirmed they were referring to the iconic Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, CA which is one of the surviving stores of the Big Donut Drive-In chain popular in the 1950s. Steven Universe also honors Randy's Donuts as the "Big Donut" store in their show so it's a case of two artistic works referring to the same iconic source, and not Zootopia having an easter egg to Steven Universe.

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