Art of the Day #193: Little Big Family

mr__big_by_jenmalarai-d9u8axs by Jenmalarai
Source [1]

Mr. Big, aka the Big Shrew, the undisputed boss of the Tundratown rackets,

He’s an old skool gangster, dedicated to the three concepts: honor, omerta, and familgia. This is a mammal who never forgets a favor… OR a slight. Never, ever insult his family honor, not unless you want to sleep with the snow crabs. This is a shrew who demands respect… and he always gets it, one way or another.

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mr_big_by_sephiansem-daj1qhg by Sephiansem
Source [2]

Early Mr. Big by Cory Loftis b
Source [3]

Koslov as Bastion (With Mr. Big) by UnknownArtist
Source [4]

Art of Nik – 088. Young Mr. Big by nik159 by nik159
Source [5]

Mr. Big by Maty12
Source [6]

The many moods of Mr. Big

Mr Bigs – Zootopia by Wazaga
Source [7]

Why so serious?

tumblr_o89hp5J86v1teoa6lo1_1280 by mrdingsbums
Source [8]

Mister Big by YOU
Source [9]

mr__big_sketch_by_fluttershythekind-d9x8fg1 by Fluttershythekind
Source [10]

Some pics of the apple of the big shrew’s eye, his beloved daughter, Fru-Fru

FruFru Housedress by Jusu-Tengu by Jusu-Tengu
Source [11]

Fru Fru (2017 Redraw) by Jusu-Tengu
Source [12]

Fru-lana by Jusu-Tengu
Source [13]

A small reminder that shrews are actually one of the most voracious predators on the planet

Marilyn Minkroe Fru Fru (Halloween) by Jusu-Tengu
Source [14]

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

Fru Fru the shrew by Digger_the_Shrew by Digger_the_Shrew
Source [15]

♪ Start spreadin’ the newwwwwwws…♫

Fru Fru: Saxophone by Furo-Kuma
Source [16]

It’s not the hair, it’s the sweater

Decorating the Fru-mas Tree by Jusu-Tengu
Source [17]

Fru Fru and Myself (Zootopia) by Jusu-Tengu
Source [18]

Fru with her dad’s faithful chauffeur, Renato Manchas

FruFru and Mr.Manchas by gitol93
Source [19]

Fru tries on her wedding dress

Fru-Fru (Zootopia) by Leo-Artis
Source [20]

Fru with Kozlov

Koslov as Bastion (with Fru-Fru) by UnknownArtist
Source [21]

Fru Fru by Jusu-Tengu by Jusu-Tengu
Source [22]

Fru in her wedding dress again.

Fru Fru – Zootopia by bumblyjumbly by bumblyjumbly
Source [23]

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