Story: Hammer to Fall

Art by TheCatweazle

[Rating T13][Drama][Romance][Crime][Action][Sequel]

You better brace yourselves, because the final part of TheCatweazle’s amazing trilogy containing the works “Wound” and “Nightmare”, as they’re more colloquially known, is finally in full swing. Brilliantly setting the stage for another big crisis that our wonder duo and their friends will have to face together, “Hammer to Fall” promises to be a jaw-dropping epic, one that will be long, challenging, and charged with the author’s specialty, powerful drama. Because trust me on this – when the chaos eventually hits, throwing Zootopia into a state of disarray as fear and corruption take hold, it’ll hit hard. With a resounding thwack too, just like the titular hammer. And easter egg enthusiasts, rejoice! There’s enough well-hidden quotes and references in here to keep you occupied for quite a while. ~DrummerMax64

Author: TheCatweazle

Description :
A spectacular breakout from prison, a corrupt politician, a criminal mastermind wreaking havoc – and suddenly, everything crumbles. Can Judy and Nick stop the mayhem? Or will they crumble, too? Third part of a trilogy which started with “How to Treat a Festering Wound” and was continued in “Now Your Nightmare Comes to Life.”

Hammer to Fall

Additional Tags: STOP! …It’s hammer time.

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