Story: Zootopia’s Finest

Art by Pawpsicle

[Rating M16][Drama][Crime][Romance][Suspense]

Nick and Judy are two peas in a pod, great friends both on and off the clock who’ve been through a lot together, and in this story, they become embroiled in a compelling tale that will force them to confront their ever-changing friendship and a brand new case that affects the entire city. Detroiter27 goes right into the minds of these two characters, skillfully exploring their psyches as they attempt to sort out their feelings for one another and not let the grisliness of the case get to them. This entertaining story has a lot of potential, and based on the current direction of the plot, the two partners have a long, dark road ahead of them, one that will pit them against dangerous enemies and constantly test the durability of their bond. ~DrummerMax64

Author: Detroiter27

Description :
In this dark, romantic, crime drama, we follow Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, starting around six months after the end of Zootopia. They have formed a very deep, special bond. However, they both struggle in finding what exactly this connection means to each of them. What is love, anyways? Nick has an unexpected encounter on a bust that sends him on a downward spiral towards self discovery. Judy helps Nick pick up the pieces of himself, while starting to contemplate who she really is and what her future holds. At the same time, they are led on an intense investigation throughout the city and beyond, starting with a crime that shakes the city to its core. Little did they know, this was only the beginning…

Zootopia’s Finest
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