Nerd³ Toys, Unboxing a Judy Hopps Figurine!

I actually have the Nick Wilde figurine, and I’m actually planning to buy this Judy Hopps figurine some time during the summer!

HELLO PROCRASTINATORS!!!  …even though he dropped that catchphrase a while ago…

NerdCubed, an incredibly popular Youtuber who does lots and lots of video game related content, has another channel called OfficiallyNerdCubed, which he uses for un-boxing various toys- mostly Lego.  Well, now he’s un-boxed the Judy Hopps figurine! While he unboxes the figurine he also compares other Judy-related products from a different figurine altogether, to a mini-judy! And hopefully in the future, he’ll make another one, but for Nick Wilde!

Check out the full video right after the break!


  1. I got a figure like that one for Christmas along with the matching Nick. Mine are a bit different from his, though as they are both fuzzy where their fur is exposed.

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