Comic: The Alien Mammal (by marias182)

The Alien Mammal

marias182 Deviantart page

Here’s another great comic that I stumbled across: “The Alien Mammal,” an ongoing comic by marias182.
“The Alien Mammal” is about a group of human survivors who, while flying through the Devil’s Triangle, crash land into the parallel world of Zootopia. They then try to find various ways of trying to survive in Zootopia while making repairs to their airplane.
This comic has great potential to be something totally radical! It reminds me of the epic sci-fi series Sliders (1995) and the classic 1960s sitcom Gilligan’s Island. When you have a chance, go check out her deviant art page: marias182 Deviantart page

Comic is after the break!

marias182 Deviantart page
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  1. Usually not fan of the "humans in Zootopia" theme, but it works better in comic form for me, and this certainly seems intriguing…

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