Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Features Zootopia Characters!

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Disney is coming up with a new mobile game! If you haven’t noticed, “Zootopia Crime Files” has been removed from both the Play store and App store (the agony!). But don’t worry; Disney has another mobile game coming up called “Disney Heroes: Battle Mode,” which stars our favorite Zootopia characters.

The game was actually released on Feburary 24 as a soft launch, but this means the game is ready to be released globally pretty soon. Keep an eye on the Play/App stores as well as on ZNN, as we will keep you updated on the release of the game!

Check out the screenshots of the game and more after the break!


  1. Finally, Zootopia gets noticed! Even though it's put together with two other movies that got sequels that will release soon this year, plus Toy Story.

    I just wish it went above and beyond this game alone. You know? Like Build-a-Bear plushies of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, or actual theme park attractions or Disney on Ice shows for Zootopia?

  2. This game is so much fun! Nick and Judy are so much fun to play as in this. Just a few odd gameplay things that probably will be fixed soon, but once that happens, I can't wait to see what this full game can show. 🙂

  3. Hopefully an up to date apk of Crime Files is on the internet somewhere or it's been lost forever, and even if it had its flaws that would be a damn shame.

    I still have it downloaded on my phone from Amazon Underground, thankfully.

    Curious to check out this new game when it becomes available though

  4. Will this be anything like the Infinity games? I thoroughly enjoyed watching videos of those where Judy was a contender (especially Judy Hopps vs. Elsa).

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