Story: Rookie

Art by Temiree

[Rating T13][Crime][Drama][OC]

A second outbreak of savage mammals inflicted with the night howler serum, except this time prey are among the afflicted? It’s a rotten situation – then again, that’s always the case when night howlers are involved – and the author takes us on a wild ride in this absorbing, two-sided story. We of course follow Nick and Judy as they attempt to find the culprit(s) behind this new attack, but at the same time, we meet and learn more about one of the victims, hockey rookie Ace Wolfburne, a well-developed OC and the story’s namesake. It’s an awesome read, especially if OC stories are your thing, and Ace is a great character to sympathize with as we see how he copes with his recovery and the inner politics of the Zootopia hockey league. ~DrummerMax64

Author: seinnnnnn

Description :
In the Zootopian Hockey League, the game is the central subject. However, the first Night Howler scandal has left the league uneasy, leaving behind an underlying conflict circulating the players and owners. When rookie Ace Wolfburne is the immediate subject of a second scandal, the league is left with no choice but to turn to the ZPD for assistance.


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