How Zootopia Talks to Kids (by ScreenPrism)

As most of us already know, Zootopia has a much deeper meaning than what it really shows on screen. Behind all the talking animals and buddy-cop storyline emerges a deeper foreshadowing of racism, bigotry, and stereotypes!
Youtube channel ScreenPrism analyzes Zootopia, looking into the deeper meaning of the movie and seeing what the movie is trying to portray. They’ve done a great job analyzing the movie and presenting it in a organized matter, showing how much the movie can appeal to not just children, but to adults as well. They’ve even compared their discoveries into real life situations and in other movies, which also show similar characteristics behind Zootopia’s deeper and controversial meaning.
I highly recommend watching; it gives great insight in what we love about Zootopia and more. Check out the video after the break!


  1. My favorite YouTube channel, the Lorerunner, just released a rumination on Zootopia today. Combined with this, it is an amazing day for Zootopia analysis.

  2. Am I the only one who doesn’t see how Zootopia is a commentary on sexism? We see Francine and the polar bear drill instructor working for the ZPD and it’s not treated as a big deal at all. Judy is discriminated against for being small/a country born bunny, never once is it even implied that her being female is even remotely a problem.

    Every other instance of bias or discrimination seen in the film is related to belonging to a certain species or being prey/predator

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