Zootopia Fun Facts!

Something has to be going on, right? Disney has been giving us a lot of Zootopia stuff over the past month. Maybe they’re doing something big? (Nah, it can’t be)

Disney is hitting us with more Zootopia! But this time, it’s pretty lengthy, with the video being three minutes. Although we Zootopia fans may already know some of these facts, you can get a little refresher with Disney’s Fun Facts on Zootopia! 

Check out the full video in the tweet below after the break!


  1. Too bad the first "fact" was wrong…as quoted, 12 districts in Zootopia, and Bunnyburrow ain't one of them.
    Glad to see Disney is doing a little more with the film though, perhaps a warm-up for something better we might hope.

    • Nope. To quote the drill instructor, "Zootopia has 12 unique ecosystems within its city limits". And Bunnyburrow, being 211 miles away, is not one of them.

    • Seems like whoever mixed the video was only including districts actually shown in the movie, (with the exception of Bunny Burrow which is what, 200 miles from the city?) My money's on an intern that didn't see it, and wasn't paying attention to his assignment lol.

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