March 25: Zootopia’s Premiere on Disney Channel USA!

Time to make the world a better place once again — this time on Disney Channel! (If you’re living in the USA, at least.)
Despite Zootopia’s departure from Netflix, Disney will not let this movie go away that quickly. On March 25, Zootopia will makes its premiere showing on Disney Channel!

If you have friends or family who have yet to see the movie, well, now’s their chance to watch the movie risk-free! (Looking at you, pirates.)

Following this, if you missed our weekend-long community viewing party of Zootopia, here’s another chance for people in the USA to gather together and watch the movie once again! 
And to further confirm this, we have a continuity clip from Youtube channel VGX / TVHolidays, after the break!
See you on the 25th!


  1. Appropriate that Zootopia would be shown on the birthday of one of the cast members; in this case, our favourite wolf in sheep's clothing, Assistant Mayor Dawn Bellwether. Happy birthday to Jenny Slate.

  2. It makes its Disney Channel debut in the US on the same day the film was released in the UK (as Zootropolis) March 25th.

    Pretty neat coincidence.

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