Story: Zootopia: Unbroken

Art by TheTater

[Rating T13][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Complete]

No matter your relationship with a person, how easy can it be to open up about some of the darkest parts of your past? That’s the question “Zootopia: Unbroken” sets out to answer as Nick and Judy, partners in the ZPD and now a couple outside of it, receive a call for a suicidal mammal looking to jump from atop a building. From there, Trebor_Meerkat delves into the psyche of Nick, making small revelations along the way as Judy learns more about the fox she loves and the hurt he felt before he met her. Reader discretion advised; discussion of suicide, some sexual content. ~YFWE

Author: Trebor_Meerkat

Description :
After saving a suicidal mammal, Nick struggles with opening up to Judy about his own dark past.

Zootopia: Unbroken

Additional Tags: where can you turn when everything falls apart?

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