Story: Drabbles for Zootopia and Beyond

Art by Tragobear

[Rating M16][Romance][Fluff][Drama][Slice of Life][Collection]

An outstanding drabble collection from the imaginative mind of HerAld_90 that entertains and impresses with its concise chapters. Many of these drabbles do a stellar job of expanding on the Zootopia universe, traversing the city streets and delving into the lives of its inhabitants, Nick and Judy in particular. Some even have significant weight behind them, able to instill anxiety and heartache in the reader with just a few short paragraphs. One thing’s for certain: you’ll have a good ol’ time perusing the wide selection of ultra-short stories on display here. ~DrummerMax64

Author: HerAld_90

Description :
Not all stories are big, city-saving affairs. Some stories are intimate embraces, long-awaited reunions, moments of horror, and moments of joy. This is where those go. Short drabbles and flash fics of 100 to 300 words.

Drabbles for Zootopia and Beyond

Additional Tags: Lots and lots of dribbling and drabbling.