Story: Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy

Art by progressoftomorrow

[Rating T13][Romance][Angst][Hurt/Comfort][Complete]

Judy and Nick adopt a baby fox kit that already has a troubled past even in its short life thus far in “Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy.” The process takes them through many twists and turns — including meeting the kit’s mother — and along the way, well, get ready for fluff galore as the little thing brings the two partners closer together in many ways. Cute lil story; if you have a heart, you’ll have a swell time. ~YFWE

Author: SallyWhite92

Description :
Judy finds a fox kit during a case and is given the chance to be his foster mother. She moves in with Nick to help raise the child, and as he brings them closer together, they realize that they may have deeper feelings for each other than they thought.

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful Boy

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