Artwork of the Day #184: Welcome to Bunnyburrow

Bunnyburrows Poster by @Disney Source [1]

Bunnyburrow, the place where it all started for Judy Hopps. Here was where she was born and raised. Here was where she made the decision to become a police officer

In this Art of the Day collection, we focus on Judy’s hometown, her family and friends, and pay return visit the Burrows with her and Nick Wilde

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Bunnyburrows Station Concept by Armand Serrano
Source [2]

(Concept Art)

Our first stop of course is the Bunnyburrow Train Station.  Welcome home, Judy!

Bunnyburrow Houses by Matthias Lechner
Source [3]

(More Concept Art.)

There’s two interesting details about this picture.  First, can you see Totoro in this image?  Second, if you take a close look at the upper left center, you’ll see the Clover Shopping Mall.

Apparently, Bunnyburrow ain’t so far out in the boonies as Nick Wilde seemed to think.

Hopps Family Farmstand by scottwatanabe
Source [4]
Where I live, you see places like this on practically every back-country road, especially in the spring and summer. (More about that later.)

Concept art of the Hopps’ Produce Stand and farm truck.  Both of these eventually made it into the final cut.

Summer on the Farm by doraemonbasil
Source [5]

Judy helps her dad extract a prize carrot from the earth.

Best Crop From Bunnyburrows by kresblain
Source [6]

Stu Hopps poses with his prize.

Judy and Bonnie Hopps by sketchwithtiff
Source [7]

And there’s Bonnie Hopps with her prize.

Gideon Grey (Before) by xNIR0x
Source [8]

Gideon Grey, in his mean widdle fox days.

Gidoen Grey (After) by chirudegilead
Source [9]

But then of course, he turned over a new leaf.

Astronaut Sharla by ThankU830309
Source [10]

Judy’s childhood friend, Sharla, dreaming of becoming an astronaut.  (It’s harder than heck to find  fan-art of her as a kid.)

Bobby Catmull Character Sheet by Borja Montoro
Source [11]

Concept art of another of Judy’s old friends, Bobby Catmull, the young cougar who supplied the musical effects for her Carrot Days skit.

And now, let’s join Nick Wilde as he pays his first visit to the Burrows, in the company of Judy Hopps

Family Encounter by Frava 8 by Frava8
Source [12]

Saying hello to Bonnie and Stu.  (No, they’re not freaking out; why would they?  They’re already in partnership with another fox, Gideon Grey.)

Nick is in The House by Matthais Lechner
Source [13]

(Concept art for the Tame Collar version.)

Inside the Hopps family warren, Nick seems to find the environment just a wee bit intimidating.

Meet the Hoppses by MisterLuca
Source [14]

Ditto for Judy’s siblings.

Beware My Army by kisu-no-hi
Source [15]

But he’ll get over it.

Vacation on the Farm by なめこ鱒
Source [16]

And so it’s off to go help out in the fields.  “Beat it kid, I’m working this side of the blueberry patch.”

Carrot Time by PaFull
Source [17]

Hey fox, you’re supposed be helping, not daydreaming.

More Zootopia by nicksoutham
Source [18]

With the picking completed, it’s time to go help out at the produce stand.  Does Nick not look like a fox who knows how to make a good pitch?

Life is a Picnic by ForeverKnight
Source [19]

And after that, let’s all just go kick back for a while.

Epilogue by pacopanda
Source [20]

Of course no trip to Bunnyburrow would be complete without a visit to Gideon Grey’s pie shoppe

(Yeah, yeah…I know they’re in uniform..but this is just a perfect rendition of what a small town bakery looks like.)

Bunnysitting by TurningTides
Source [21]

Nick really seems to enjoy reading to the Hopps kids.

Bedtime Stories by quirky-middle-child
Source [22]

I mean, he really seems to enjoy it.

Goodnight Stu by @kabe2mugi
Source [23]

So does Stu, but then he tends to fade in the stretch.

Leaving Bunnyburrows by Armand Serrano
Source [24]

(More concept art.)

And so the next morning it’s back to the city for Nick and Judy…but I suspect this isn’t the last that our intrepid fox has seen of Bunnyburrow.

Willamette Valley by WillametteValley Wine Tours
Source [25]

Postscript on a personal note.  I have always believed that Bunnyburrow was based, at least in part, on the Willamette Valley, the state of Oregon’s farm belt.  To illustrate this point, see the photo above.


  1. These all tell the wonderful story of Bunnyborough, a large and involved extended family, where everyone knows your name! In essence, they all tell a story!

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