Art of the Day #185

Judy’s Adventures in Wonderland by GAKUJO
Source [1]

People just love drawing our favorite Zootopia characters in other franchises as other characters. They all are fantastic renditions and make us fall in love with not just these characters all over again, but also the other crossover franchises they represent!

Get your art after the break!

Scared Spotless by JackOrJohn
Source [2]

A tiger dancer by Wolf-Goddess13
Source [3]

Art of Nik – 026. Dukes niece by nik159
Source [4]

Wilderness Training by wolfjedisamuel
Source [5]

Medieval Nick and Judy by catnamedfish
Source [6]

Journals of Grand Adventures by TheWinterBunny
Source [7]

Nick and Judy’s boxes or funnies by borba
Source [8]

Hey! Want Some? (28-Jan-‘18) by fey-j
Source [9]

🐰🐰🐺 by @yama18imo
Source [10]

Sketchbook – Yax by nik159
Source [11]

Horror movie night by Lucky13spirits
Source [12]

Duke of Weaselton by la-Ila
Source [13]

Alpha Omega Nick by BlueDouble
Source [14]

Wolford as McCree by UnknownArtist
Source [15]

Little red and the sly wolf by 8Aerondight8
Source [16]

ちーたー by @ulako414
Source [17]

Employee of the Month (22-Jan-‘18) by fey-j
Source [18]

Bogo in Riot Gear by Saine
Source [19]

Five Nights At Zootopia by Wolfycon86
Source [20]


  1. Tmw finding two of my pics getting featured via tumblr, but that website just got banned nationwide here a few weeks ago ;-;

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