Story: Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Santa Clawed

Art by Gurihiru

[Rating K9][Humor][Holiday][Incomplete]

A great follow-up story to the previous featured “Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Christmas in Bunnyburrow”, we now find Nick back into the midst of Judy’s hometown, this time undercover as the good ol’ jolly Santa and assigned with the difficult task fulfilling that role. This time around, Omnitrix adds in a bit of drama as past acquaintances and old rivals amp up the difficulty of Nick’s task. All this and that ultimately adds to the humor and chaos of the story that will make you wonder how this entire scenario will conclude. Like before, be on the lookout for more Easter eggs scattered throughout the story, and don’t forget, Santa’s always watching! ~Calidian

Author: Omnitrix 12

Description :
Sequel to CinBB. It’s Christmas again, and Nick is headed back to Bunnyburrow… to play Santa for a party of kids. It’s chaos and improv onstage and off as cookies, coffee, kids, mix-ups, and romantic rivalry all conspire to make his own Christmas a real holiday to remember, and a lesson in what being Santa really takes.

Fox Dens and Rabbit Trails: Santa Clawed

Additional Tags: Nick is best mall santa. Did you know you had to take classes to be Santa?