Special Art of the Day #293 Nippon Zootopia

Kitsune-Usagi. by @monmokamoko
Source [1]

Hello, and welcome to another collection of Zootopia Fanart. Today, we journey to The Land of The Rising Sun.

Ironically enough, Japan was the last country where Zootopia opened as a theatrical release, and when it did, it was edged out at the box office by the latest entry in the Detective Conan series. Nonetheless Japan remains the setting of some of the most colorful and vibrant Zootopia Fanart out there.

For today’s album, we’re concentrating our efforts on Japan’s classical period, and saving the ‘modern’ settings for another time.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to properly honor the original artists by clicking on the source-links.

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We begin with a series of Samurai themed images

Here’s Nick as Samurai Jack

Samurai Nick by ookamiden
Source [2]

In a more contemplative mood.

Sacrifice – Old Sad Sketch by gokhna 16
Source [3]

Nick as Zatoichi

Zatoichi Kitsune by red-velvet-panda
Source [4]

I think this may be a representation of Nick as Lone Wolf (Lone Fox?) but I’m not 100% sure.

Ronin by stormspike
Source [5]

Of course, Judy has a few warrior chops of her own.

No More Waiting by ajie-g-sketchbook
Source [6]

Lionheart makes a great Shogun, doesn’t he?

Tea Ceremony by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [7]

Here he is with his faithful Yojimbo, Larry-San and Gary-san

What if Zootopia were feudal Japan by Elzaeterinn
Source [8]

Showing off their katana cred.

Yojimbo Larry and Gary by Elzaeterinn
Source [9]

But Lionheart’s bodyguards are no match for Gazelle’s.

Japanese Gazelle by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [10]

The only pic I could find showing Duke Weaselton in a kimono.

Best Foot Forward by 杯具螺旋丸
Source [11]

We continue with a series showing Nick and Judy in traditional Japanese dress.

Wherever Judy goes…

We Go Now2 by つーあん@FANBOX開始
Source [12]

…there’s no holding her back

We Go Now1 by つーあん@FANBOX開始
Source [13]

Nick and Judy Japanese by 恒温
Source [14]

Zootopia – Samurai AU by EightDSegahal by eightdsegahal
Source [15]

Better Toys by @SoupSecret
Source [16]

Dyeing Draw by @ydk_disney
Source [17]

Kinomo Judy by @Kollerss
Source [18]

Kimono Judy by @tomatoztp
Source [19]

Nick and Judy visit a Japanese market.  There’s Finnick over on the left.

Kimono Nick and Judy by UnknownArtist
Source [20]

And a Japanese bath-house.

O-Furo Nick and Judy by @atlantica0208
Source [21]

This was actually quite a common sight during Japan’s Meiji period, when the country first began to westernize, a Japanese Kimono, topped with western headgear.

Japanese Summer style by @zizi_zoo_nj
Source [22]

Next, a series of images, celebrating the Japanese New Year.  (There are actually quite a lot of these on the net.)

Arrived in Japan by saicoro
Source [23]

Hapy New Year From Judy by kameashi
Source [24]

Happy New Year2 by ZIGROCK!!
Source [25]

Another Happy New year by ukulm52
Source [26]

Happy New Year 2017 by @madkanatan
Source [27]

Uh oh, looks like Nick’s about to get jammed!

Calendar Pic by @raizinnDX
Source [28]

We finish up with a couple of pics, showing Clawhauser as a Sumo Wrestler.  (You knew this was coming.)

Clawhauser as Sumo Wrestler by Napalmhonour
Source [29]

Zootopia : Sumo by Sheep 7465
Source [30]

Until next time…Domo Arigato


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