Zootopia Gets Featured in a Top 10 Anime Betrayal Video

That’s right! Those wacky fellows Wiz and Boomstick over at ScrewAttack decided to include Zootopia in a list dedicated to the top ten most horrible anime betrayals, and it’s glorious.

Check out the video after the break – the Zootopia betrayal is number five for those who just want to skip ahead! – but be warned that they use some coarse language, and there are spoilers for lots of anime.

Honestly, I was surprised that it was Bellwether’s betrayal of the city that they focused on, rather than Judy’s betrayal of Nick at the press conference. I mean, yeah, the whole conspiracy thing was pretty bad, but Judy’s prejudiced comments that ignited an already-racially tense city and nearly ruined her friendship with Nick? Now that’s a betrayal, I think!


  1. I feel like this is all anyone will ever remember Zootopia for. Not for Judy and Nick’s on-screen chemistry or how cute WildeHopps is going to be, but rather for Bellwether and how much of a heavy-handed allegory to Donald Trump she was, with the night howlers as essentially Zootopia’s crack cocaine. And then afterward, it fades out of people’s memories, because there are still plenty of musical numbers from Moana to sing to.

    • … dont bring politics into this, theirs nothing here that would make dawn and trump similar. keep your political opinions to yourself

      • I’m sorry if I came off this way.

        It’s just that I’m more concerned with how Zootopia will be remembered specifically for its surprise villain and how much she reflected the themes and message of Zootopia. And then afterward, the movie is forgotten, because we already have Moana and its numerous musical numbers to sing to, because Disney princesses are safer, more comfortable, and easier to exploit for Disney.

        • Box office Gross

          Domestic: $341,268,248
          Foreign : $682,515,947
          Total : $1,023,784,195 (only the second Disney Animated Canon film to break a billion)

          Domestic: $248,757,044
          Foreign: $394,574,067
          Total: $643,331,111

          I think Zootopia did a pretty good job getting its message across world-wide.

          Also, Zootopia was completed and released In March 2016 before Trump was even the GOP candidate, let alone the president.

  2. “Honestly, I was surprised that it was Bellwether’s betrayal of the city that they focused on, rather than Judy’s betrayal of Nick at the press conference.”

    Sorry to disagree, but imho Judy didn’t betrayed Nick!
    She had prejudices, inconscious ones, based on a bad experience with a predator when she was only a child (so, particularly vunerable and influenceable).
    If those of Judy was been a real betrayal, she wouldn’t have serched for Nick… and, above all, for his forgivenes.

    P.S.: sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language.

  3. “Featured” I’ve never liked this guys style since people started sending me his vids years ago. He doesn’t take time to look any deeper than the surface of whats shown. I agree with Matto above. People make mistakes, and even then, HO LEE COW. She said exactly what a Doctor said about the animals being hurt. She was put on stage to stage a better scenario for Bellwethers plot. Police who go on stage are suppose to be prepped, and its actually suppose to be Bogo up there, not the on scene officer. Judy was played and used because of her naivety and being so green. Betrayal doesn’t happen on accident. Judy misspoke info in front of Nick, and didn’t know what she really had said until she left the stage. But again, I hate the reviewer, it isn’t satire, its nitpicking and whining.

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