Art of the Day #296

Zootopia fanart by Xinzhou Liao
Source [1]

As you can see, Judy’s Meter Maid Car is versatile ride, with many other uses besides serving as a simple conveyance for writing parking tickets. Nick Wilde however, does not seem to appreciate this amazing law-enforcement convenience.

Well, while he tries to figure it out, here is our final random collection of Zootopia fanart for 2018.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to show the original artists some live by clicking on the source-links.

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Back From Patrol by jaskenator 7000
Source [2]

Some Zootopia stuff by amiz 06
Source [3]

Zootopia:The photo session! 2 by Fred vegerano
Source [4]

Alarming moon 2 by ziuki
Source [5]

fur and flowers by secret-soup
Source [6]

Nose 2 Nose by secret-soup
Source [7]

Evening Dress by secret-soup
Source [8]

Kimonos by secret-soup
Source [9]

Nick and Opossums by secret-soup
Source [10]

The Adventures of Sharkbun and Lavafox by fever wilde-hopps
Source [11]

Stay down (Zootopia Story) 19 by neytirix
Source [12]

Melting. by credens-vita
Source [13]

Initial Z by judyhopps44
Source [14]

Finnick The Frustrated by fluttershythekind
Source [15]

Doing Nothing by t-b0
Source [16]

WildeHopps chibi by ocerydia
Source [17]

Because You Are Warm by @noko_ume_
Source [18]

Leg-warmers by @dogear218
Source [19]

Objectively Yours by komaru-san
Source [20]

Cover for Explosive Love by ocerydia
Source [21]

Nick Wilde by firefoxart 212
Source [22]