Art of the Day #297: 2018 – A Look Back

Happy New Year from Nick & Judy by red-velvet-panda
Source [1]

Hello everybody and Happy New Years Eve.

Today we present a gallery of artwork featuring pictures taken from some of our 2018 Zootopia fanart albums. For this collection, we’re only including images from our themed albums and leaving the random albums for later. (We’ve got a huge enough collection as it is.)

Hoping everyone enjoys this trip down memory lane…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.

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#154: Pixel Goodness

Welcome to Zootopia by pixeljeff 1995
Source [2]

#158:  Summer Down South

Beach Bums by fanartiguess
Source [3]

#161: You Can Never Have Too Much Nick

Nick Wilde – Typography Poster by simonk 0
Source [4]

#162: National Pie Day

— Shall We Bake? — by Pokelai
Source [5]



#167: Mayor Lionheart

[fanart] Mayor Lionheart by 7THeaven
Source [6]

#168: Sad Moments

Judy’s Burial by Borba
Source [7]

#170: Valentine’s Day, 2018

Zootopia – You Know You Love Me by Natalieao
Source [8]

#174: Even More Black and White

HARDCORE FLASH by karafactory
Source [9]

#175: Oscar Anniversary

2017 OSCARS by n09142
Source [10]



#178:  Happy Two-Year Anniversary, Zootopia

Zootopia 2nd Anniversary! by The Night Manager
Source [11]

#181: Supers

Miraculous Ladybun and Fox Noir by South Park Taosit
Source [12]

#183:  Lesser-Known Zootopia Concept Art

Little Rodentia Apartment by Armand Serrano by Armand Serrano
Source [13]

#183:  Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day in Zootopia by Crewe Fox by crewefox
Source [14]

#184: Welcome to Bunnyburrow – (Concept and Fanart)

More Zootopia by Nick Southam by nicksoutham
Source [15]

#186: Zootopia in Rocko’s Modern Life Style

Zootopia in Rocko’s Modern Life style! (1) by rockosedits
Source [16]

#187:  Meet the Heat in Sahara Square – (Concept and Fanart)

Mystic Springs Oasis by monoflax
Source [17]



189:  Chillin’ in Tundratown – (Concept and Fanart)

tundra_town by Odajima
Source [18]

#191: Retreat to the Scenic Rainforest District – (Concept and Fanart)

Rainforest District Night by Gidora by @Nick_Wilde_RP
Source [19]

#192: Little Big Family

Mister Big by Qichao Wang
Source [20]

#193 Nick and Judy’s Top Gear

Fast and Furry_ousby Adry53
Source [21]



#194:  Let’s Dance

Let’s dance by Ganym0
Source [22]

#196:  Yakkity-Yax

Yax by ajo
Source [23]

#199: Musical Moments

Nanana blank by ittybittykittytittys
Source [24]

#203: D’Yer Post’er

Silence of the Lambs Crossover by MattesWorks
Source [25]

#205: 2000’s Pop Culture

Zootopia in Fairly Oddparents Style by fairytalesartist
Source [26]

#209: Hit The Beach

Sand Sculpture by Burgas by @villy_n_bg
Source [27]

#211: 90’s Pop Culture

Matrixopia by xplaysx
Source [28]

#212: 80’s Pop Culture

Yak in the Nature by zootopiastories
Source [29]



#214: Let’s Work

Morning Run by Miles-DF
Source [30]

#216: 70’s Pop Culture

Fur Wars by jessica-rae-3
Source [31]

#218:  Duke Amuck!

Zootopia – Duke Weaselton (Inktober #26) by nik159
Source [32]

@220:  Zootopia X Disney’s Robin Hood

Oo-De-Larceny by silvaniart
Source [33]

#222: Zootopia Robotica

Zootopia PacRim by peterkothe
Source [34]

#224: Selfie!

Nick Judy Selfie by @munya_chuu
Source [35]

#226: Nick and Judy’s Wedding Album

I Want To Dream of You Forever-10 by borba
Source [36]



#228:  Little Rodentia, Concept and Fanart

Shortcut Through the Gehttos by dravening
Source [37]

#232: Zootopia, Around the World

Zootopia in Rio Carnival 2017 by borba
Source [38]

#234: Happy (Belated) Friday the 13th

Bad shot by Jay Lim
Source [39]

#236:  Concept and Fanart — The Dark Side of the Zoo

[Tame Collar Zootopia] Cya! by snowyangel 15
Source [40]

#238:  Featured Artist — Latex

Zootopia Train by Latext
Source [41]

#240: Judy’s Mom and Dad

Bonnie Hopps and Stu Hopps by mracrizzy
Source [42]

#242: Young Nick and Judy

[Title Unknown] by crewefox
Source [43]

#244: Parking Duty

Judy by dogsama
Source [44]



#246: More Supers

Zootopia Comics No.1 by Weischede by weischede
Source [45]

#248: Zootopia Noir

Secret of the Purple Petal by oak-thorn
Source [46]

#250: Feral Zootopia

Zootopia Feral Form Nack and Judy by anonim911
Source [47]

#252: Zootopia Goes West

The Wild Wild West by akella33
Source [48]

#254: Featured Artist — iPoke

Lead by Example by iPoke
Source [49]

#256: Koslov, the Polar Bear

Polar Bear Zootopia by NBQuaternion
Source [50]

#258: Steampunk Zootopia

Steamtopia by dol2006
Source [51]



#262: Larry and Gary

Those wolves are soooo CUTE by Takamoto by takemotoarashi
Source [52]

#263: Zootopia, The Roaring 20’s

She and Him by yelnatsdraws
Source [53]

#265: Featured Artist – The Man Himself, Byron Howard

That Famous Pose by @ByronPHoward
Source [54]

#267:  ZPD Headquarters

Donut Run by Wolfanic
Source [55]

#269:  Zootopia — Night and the City

CnZU_e1UEAAsLlI by @ratuta
Source [56]



#271: The Colors of Autumn

Zootopia Fall Day by zigrock001
Source [57]

#273: Coffee Break

SnarlbucksNick01 by hiromatsu
Source [58]

#275:  Mrs. Wilde

Mrs Wilde by einshelm
Source [59]

#277 Zootopia in China

Mandarin Nick and Judy by 政58
Source [60]

#279: Count Nickula – (Halloween, 2018)

Vampire Foxes by chelsmerrell
Source [61]



#281:  Water, Water, Every Hare.

tumblr_o8cpvfIed21s0azzao1_1280.png by fearmywaffles
Source [62]

#283: Paging Dr. Honeybadger

Madge_Honeybadger by monoflax
Source [63]

Special #284:  RIP, Stan Lee

Fan Bun by mechagen
Source [64]

Special #286: Ralph Breaks Zootopia

Wreck-It Bogo by @zveropolis
Source [65]

#287: The Carrot Pen

Are you trying to steal the pen? by kristall004
Source [66]



#289: Get Your Pawpsicles

Summer in Zootopia by thewardenX3
Source [67]

#291: A Pirates Life For Me

High Seas Adventure by oak-thorn
Source [68]

#293: Nippon Zootopia

Calendar Pic by @raizinnDX
Source [69]

#295:  Merry Christmas, 2018

Happy Christmas by little polka
Source [70]


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