Return to Zootopia: THE GRAND FINALE!

Ladies and Gentlemammals, I present to you… the first ever, full-length, Fan-made movie for an animated property that I have ever seen actually succeed.  The magnum opus of Browntable Entertainment:  RETURN TO ZOOTOPIA!

That’s right folks, the Grand Finale is here, which means the whole film is complete!  What started as one guy’s passion project has grown into one of the most ambitious creations the fandom has ever produced… and it’s actually finished.  You have no idea how huge that is, I’ve been in other fandoms where people attempted to make “fan-made movies”, but the most that came out of that was some short films.  Never anything feature-length.

Let’s give a HUGE round of applause to the creative minds who put this together:

Angie (Creative Multitasker)
Anton Mabey
Luis Hernandez
Juana Phun
Matthew Iles
Alexander Lopez
Jyasi Myrhil
Ellen Abramson

and the man who made it all happen- Producer, Writer, Editor, Director, Animator, Composer, and Voice of Nick Wilde… Mauricio Velazco!

Congratulations to all of you for a magnificent achievement!  This has been amazing to see unfold from the very beginning, when you first announced this project back in 2016.  And here we are, in 2018, when you said you would be finished.  Mauricio… if this doesn’t put you and your team on the radar of every major movie studio, then something is fundamentally wrong with the universe.  Bravo, all of you.  This is the best Christmas present we could have asked for.

Now, go watch the Finale of Return to Zootopia: “Reality With You”, down below!

And if you need a refresher, you can watch the whole thing over on Browntable Entertainment’s youtube channel here! 

What are you waiting for???  Go watch it!


  1. I almost cried when I saw there was the finale!! I am also learning the song Wildehopps sang in episode 3 on the ukulele (“Cold Coffee” by Ed Deeran/Sheeran ((Shearan could’ve been funny)))!! I have it stuck in my head. Thanks, Mauricio and Angie. They are excellent actors, and they have to be hired for the sequel. This actually SHOULD be the sequel, edited a bit for the kids albeit. Seriously, best thing I’ve ever seen… Maybe be even better than the actual movie. 100/10 dudes. “Try everything,” amirite?

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