Story: Side Stories

Art by TheWinterBunny [Rating M16][Tragedy][Drama][Hurt/Comfort] If you’re a fan of the author eng050599 and can’t get enough of his medical story “Lost Causes and Broken Dreams,” be sure to give this collection a look! Functioning as a compilation of his […]


Zootopia Craziness, Part 6!

One of the best makers of Disney YTPs on Youtube, Leo Koutakis, is back with more Zootopia! If you haven’t seen the rest of the Zootopia Craziness series, I can’t recommend it enough- it’ll have you laughing way too hard […]


Art of the Day #155

          ジェラの王様コス似合うと思った by @mortic_ox Source [1] All Hail King Finnick!  May his reign not be as short as he is!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) For now, we have another round of Artworks from fans to fans, as usual. […]


Story: It’s Not Personal

Art by Samur Umlal [Rating M16][Drama][Hurt/Comfort][Friendship][Complete] Turnabout is fair play in this gripping, drama-filled short story where Nick confronts one of his childhood demons and serves him his just desserts. However, it’s wrong to think that such an act would […]


Story: Zootopian Eclipse

Art by MetaDragonArt [Rating M16][Sci-Fi][Action][Crossover][Incomplete] It’s probably a good idea to possess at least a basic knowledge of the source material of “Eclipse Phase” before reading, as this crossover offering from Zarpaulus immerses itself in the world of that 2009 […]


Story: Missing You

Art by TheWinterBunny [Rating T13][Romance][Adventure] It lives! Chapter one of this story existed for nearly a year as simply a one-shot before it was recently revitalized with a new chapter by the author. At only two chapters in, it’s anyone’s […]