Special Art of The Day #291: A Pirate’s Life For Me



Zootopa X POTC by Rosali Cerralles
Source [1]

Ahoy there, me hearties. ‘Tis by request we be postin’ today’s Arrrrt o’ the Day album, a collection of Zootopia fanart featurin Nick Wilde, Judy Hopps , an some more of the Zootopia crew, sailin’ th’ seas of adventure aboard the good ship Black Purrrl.

Enjoy, and be sure to follow the old buccaneer’s custom of clickin’ on the source links to show the original artists their proper respect.

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Cue the music. maestro!

We begin with some images of that rascally rapscallion, Nick Wilde, as a pirate captain

Capn Nick by @mortic_ox
Source [2]




Nickthepirate by @mortic_ox
Source [3]


Hmmm, looks like Nick and Judy been through a fight in this one.


Buccaneers by @takatmadisney
Source [4]


“Is this a dagger I see before me?”


Nick With a Dagger by @do2910na
Source [5]




Nick Pirate Costume by @do2910na
Source [6]




Foxbrush Wildwood, mighty pirate! by TheSkunkCat
Source [7]



Hat’s gettin’ kind worn there, fox.

Pier-Ratty Nick by lynxmuse
Source [8]




I Saw This In My Drink by @Linco_a
Source [9]




Pirate Nick by @327b
Source [10]



Awwww, poor Nick  (He has a peg-leg in this drawing.)

Zootopians Pirates! Drawing challenge (Til Sunday) by steampoweredfoxes
Source [11]


Okay Wilde, you had your turn, now let Judy be captain for a while


Unknown by oak-thorn
Source [12]


Note the rabbit-skull on Judy’s hat, a nice touch. 


Unknown by @okisidol
Source [13]


Cap’n Judy doesn’t play nice, even with her alter ego.  (Neither does Nick.)



Pirates of the Zootopia01 by Ganym0
Source [14]




Bonnie Bunny Buccaneer by @mortic_ox
Source [15]




You Messed with the Wrong Pirate by @alamarus
Source [16]


I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but I love that look on Finnick.


Capn Hook Finnick by @mortic_ox
Source [17]


No, these aren’t coffee cups, they’re pages in a sketchbook.  (Cute though.)


tumblr_pagujxShnl1v21kfso1_540 by nami-things
Source [18]


Does Judy look sexy in that outfit, or WHAT?


Pirates of the Zootopia 02 by Ganym0
Source [19]



Ah, she never could resist Nick Wilde’s foxy charm

untitled_by_ganym0-d9tptsz by Ganym0
Source [20]


Yes, yes…we know; the artist got the name wrong.  That should be Captain Nick Sparow.


NickSparow by pafull
Source [21]


Nick as different sort of buccaneer, the Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride.


Princess Bride Part 2 — Happily Ever After by chickwithdreads
Source [22]


But then again, why should HE have all the fun?


Dread Pirate Judy by radicalrobo
Source [23]


We close with a couple of pictures of the other Jack, Jack Savage as a pirate.


CAPTAIN Jack Savage by ittybittykittytittys
Source [24]


Now, now…this is probably the closest thing to an image of a REAL pirate in the entire gallery. (Most of them were hammered all the time.)


Jack’s Back by ittybittykittytittys
Source [25]

Until next time, mateys….