Doug Walker finally covers Zootopia in Disneycember!

Doug Walker, the Nostalgia Critic.  An undeniable icon of the internet, even if he (and his company, Channel Awesome) has had his fair share of controversy.  However, one thing people tend to agree on is that it’s always fun to see what he thinks of your favorite movies.

Ever since 2011, he has made it a tradition to make mini-reviews (where it’s Doug Walker, not the character of the Nostalgia Critic) of Disney films all throughout the month of December.  However, since Zootopia did not exist when he covered Disney’s 3D Animated movies back in 2012, and his first impressions of the film were fairly “meh”, there have been many requests for him to cover it more in depth. 

So, what does he think of Zootopia two years down the road?  Well, he’s surprisingly positive, and while he does describe some aspects poorly, he finally understands the full message of the movie, and that’s the important part.  Check it out down below!

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  1. Now all that’s left is for Doug Walker to do a Nostalgia Critic editorial on shipping WildeHopps and whether or not it should be canon in the sequel or TV spin-off, and the whole thing will be complete!

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