Story: I Don’t Get It

Art by: I Write Big

[Rating T13][Romance][Drama][Music][Complete]

A truly unique entry into the Zootopia fiction canon. “I Don’t Get It” explores the muted apathy certain arts can elicit in beings — in this case, Nick’s detachment from music and how it affects the relationships around him. As much a love letter to the art as it is a love story, “I Don’t Get It” is a delicately expressed, meticulously crafted read that will leave you clamoring for each movement up until its end. – YFWE

Author: I Write Big

Description :
A song can bring people together. A rhythm can encapsulate an entire culture. A lyric can inspire a generation. This is what Nick has always heard, but it was never what he felt. Nick doesn’t understand music. It didn’t really bother him until Judy got involved. Now he wants to understand. He wants to hear what everyone else does. He wants to get it.

I Don’t Get It

Additional Tags: And these songs that you sing/Do they mean anything/To the people you’re singing them to?

Note: I just realized, this is our 1300th post!  Woo hoo!  ~Andy Lagopus


  1. This is one of the best things about ZNN, finding a gem out there and letting us know. This is a great story, feels, makes you think and try on someone else's shoes/pawpads/etc. Wonderful find! Thanks! Stubat

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