Try Everything- DANCE REMIX!

“Ooh Heaven is a Place on Earth!” by DennyVixen

As of today, ZNN has made over 1300 posts!  I think this calls for some sort of celebration.  Time for a DANCE PARTY!

Of course, we’ll need some music to dance to, so allow me to introduce Danny Oghia, who released an AWESOME remix of Gazelle’s smash hit… actually on the same day ZNN launched!  What a neat little coincidence.
Let’s get this party started!  …after the break, of course.


  1. I love how the animated gif supposedly shows Judy innocently hip-bumping Nick to get him dancing, but it you watch it carefully (or slow it down), you can see she's actually bumping Nick with her butt in his ah… groinal area. That's right, Judy is twerking Nick in this scene. 😉

    • Not even close (and that would never be anything Judy would do, it's not her character). A hip-check is not even close to twerking, thank goodness, and any odd contact was only due to the angles they were standing at relative to each other.

    • Nope, sorry. I admit I intended the term "twerking" to be fully tongue-in-cheek, but we've cross-checked this scene on the Blu-Ray version and it's not a case of odd angles. It's clearly Judy's butt making contact not her hip and you can even watch the fabric of Nick's shirt fold around the point of contact which is also clearly NOT Nick's hip but his groinal area… her butt is just about touching his tie (time code 1:39:24). Look at it as the animators giving a sly wink to WildeHopps.

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