The Dark Truth behind Night Howlers! (by The Theorizer)

We all know that Night Howlers are a crocus varietal known as Mindicampum Holicithius.  Unlike Judy, plant husbandry really wasn’t a thing in my family, so all I know about that sort of thing comes from the movie.  But what if there was a real-world equivalent to Night Howlers?

Leave it to a channel called The Theorizer to crack this question wide open!  Not only does he identify what real-world plant is most similar to Night Howlers (even down to their toxic nature), but he takes it further and dives into the changes Doug had to have made to the plants in order to get the savage effect we saw in the movie.  It’s very interesting to see, especially considering how many tiny, blink-and-you-miss-it details go into supporting this theory.
So, just how close are Night Howlers to being a real thing?  Closer than you might think.  Find out in the video after the break!


  1. Interesting theory, though there is a far simpler explanation to some of what's discussed: low concentrations of some toxins can cause temporary effects while high concentrations can be permanent or near-permanent. Doug was concentrating the flower extract, didn't need to alter it in any way if the effects are already a loss of higher consciousness function and heightened aggression in order to produce something permanent.

  2. Well, at the very least, it's more plausible than crack cocaine. It's still incredibly dark and would induce nightmares in the movie's target audience, but at the very least, none of those nasty politics are thrown into the mix, either. It's just a poison flower, nothing else.

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