Comic: Dumpling Smooch (by AndYourTeeth)

When will Nick and Judy stop being adorable together?  Trick question, that assumes they ever could, which by this point we’ve established is practically impossible.

Besides, Nick would totally be the one to take advantage of Judy’s distracted state to pull something like this.  You know he would.

Katie Katastrophe, aka AndYourTeeth, aka KungFuFreak07 (seriously, let us know what we should refer to you as, this is getting confusing) recreated a scene from an already cute gif, and as one may expect, it’s heart-warming and adorable.

Check it out over on her Tumblr, or after the break!

The comic was originally based on this gif:
But then it deviates from the source material a bit… but it’s still adorable in its own way.


  1. There was another, but without no cute after effect. Just an angry person, mad at having someone trying to trick them into getting a kiss.

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