Story: Dusted (A Zootopia Story)

Art by: WindPoro

[Rating T13][Romance][Suspense]

It can be difficult to pull off an entertaining story that revisits the Nighthowler serum post-movie, but “Dusted” succeeds thanks to some key modifications to the mind-altering substance, coupled with an intriguing plot that shifts between romance and suspense with ease. A captivating mystery with a poignant heart at its core. – YFWE

Author: DrekkDeina

Description :
Six months into their partnership and a year since the Nighthowlers incident, Judy and Nick are pulled into a convoluted plan involving a shadowy villain with cryptic words and motives. They must also come to grips with a discovery of both their feelings towards one another and past events come to light. All of this starting with Nick becoming exposed to modified Nighthowler toxin.

Dusted (A Zootopia Story)

Additional Tags: Nighthowlers, part deux


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