Story: Dreams are Fleeting

Art by: Xx-JungleBeatz-xX

[Rating T13][Mystery][Romance][Crime]

What a fun, winding trip this was! Get ready to be introduced to new characters full of intrigue and mystery as Nick and Judy team up as partners in the ZPD. Stories of betrayal are never easy to pull off; you want to fool your readers, but not leave them clueless, and Dreams Are Fleeting does it excellently. Can Nick control the demons of his past? Will he and Judy trust each other’s judgment in a tough case? Dreams Are Fleeting is definitely worth your time. – Mordecai

Author: Stormking

Description :
Nick tries to ignore the past, Judy tries to ignore the future. They both know where this is going, but who knows if this can even work. Yet they’ll try, they’ll try everything, because dreams are fleeting

Dreams Are Fleeting

Additional Tags: Do rabbits dream of electric foxes?


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