Art of the Day #122: A Case of the Manchas

[fanart] Off Duty by 7THeaven
Source [1]

Want a bit of fun trivia about my personal life? One of my best friends is a limo driver, just like Mr. Manchas. Thankfully he’s never been drugged and gone savage, but he has had to shovel someone’s driveway at 2 in the morning. But, for every jerk you might meet on such a job, there are more really cool people he’s had a chance to get to know.  Definitely keeps things interesting!

Besides, it’s about time we gave Manchas a bit more love! As ususal, you can find the artists of each image by following the source links under the title. Show them some love!

Get your art after the break!

(By the way, do you guys like these more frequent art of the day posts?  We may even be able to have them live up to the name if things keep going the way they have been.  Would you like to see that?  Let us know in the comments!)

Lil Manchas by Silverfox5213
Source [2]

FruFru and Mr.Manchas by gitol93
Source [3]

Mr Manchas by Cyan_Chess
Source [4]

Manchas by -Mike-
Source [5]

Mr. Manchas by chirenbo
Source [6]

Manchas by Sadolen
Source [7]

zootopia Mr.Manchas by inubiko
Source [8]

Eats shrimp by chirenbo
Source [9]

Frappé by Quebec
Source [10]

ズートピア by BomBom
Source [11]

Zootopia x Pokemon – Manchas Luxray by Gassy-Liang
Source [12]

Popcorn by Quebec
Source [13]

Spore Creature: Renato Manchas (Zootopia) by Evilution90
Source [14]

Manchas’s in savage state by RomainBowen
Source [15]

Start of the morning by JAZcabungcal
Source [16]

manchas | zootopia by Mirairai
Source [17]

Manchas(2017) by ThankU830309
Source [18]

Manchas by norijaga
Source [19]

Mr. Manchas beast mode by husky50
Source [20]

Mr. Manchas by okamiJR
Source [21]

RUN JUDY RUNN by Loone-Wolf
Source [22]

Mr. Manchas (Disney) by Yoshiknight2
Source [23]

[fanart] Relax by 7THeaven
Source [24]


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