Art of the Day #124- Savage Skies

Jack and Skye by AndrejSKalin
Source [1]

Jack Savage and Skye- two of the most bad@$$ characters to be lost in production.  But in this fandom, all we need is one or two pieces of concept art, and they live again in our imaginations.  And thanks to this, we have another ship in our fandom’s navy!

So, what may have been?  Only one way to find out.

Get your art after the break, and be sure to support the artists by following the source links!

Samurai Jack Savage by Ziegelzeig
Source [2]

Rainy skies by mistermead
Source [3]

Jack and Skye by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [4]

Consecution by Ziegelzeig
Source [5]

SavageSkye by SuslikD
Source [6]

Jack and Skye as Jeremy and Toy Foxy/Funtime Foxy by hykez87
Source [7]

Commission- Double Date by myrza289
Source [8]

Jack Savage and Judy on Moscow by EzequielBR
Source [9]

Jack by HazySwoop
Source [10]

[Zootopia] Nick and Jack by Dr-Nick-Dictonrock
Source [11]

Zootopia – Jack Savage Fan Comic Cover by pandazooka
Source [12]

Happy Valentines Day From Jack by RandomChibiGirl
Source [13]

Zootopia: Jack Savage by CarterTheTimberWolf
Source [14]

Skye – by Gokhan16
Source [15]

Skye by jman0525 by jman0525
Source [16]

Skye by JudyHopps44
Source [17]

Weaponized Skye by Lucky13spirits
Source [18]

Skye – version 2(White marble fox) by KatyushkaWolf
Source [19]

Skye Test by Landect
Source [20]

Skye – tame collar by KatyushkaWolf
Source [21]

Zootopia – Jack and Skye by GEMIX97
Source [22]

Jack and Skye by SergeyFoxx
Source [23]

Jack Savage by Zootopia7007 by Zootopia7007
Source [24]

SavageSkye doodle by JuanTriForce
Source [25]


  1. Good stuff as always! It's nice to see a bit of appreciation for these two.

    Side question: will the Facebook page be updated any time soon?

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