Story: Unbounded Love

Art by: あたこ

[Rating T13][Romance]

Fans of sweet, sweet romance will absolutely adore this collection of short stories all centered on that silly little thing we call Love. Set in a time where Nick and Judy have married while Gazelle and one of her tiger singers have tied the knot, LaVedier gives us a look into the lives of different mammals and their encounters in love. Introducing some original couples as well as exploring canon characters, LaVedier does a fantastic job expressing some very realistic problems and expectations that would come between pred-prey relationships. This story is sure to leave a smile on your face and a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart. – Ronald Latranae (Blenderguy15)

Author: Gabriel LaVedier

Description :
Love in Zootopia used to be hard-headed and set in a traditional direction. That no longer suffices for those who saw love blossom between species in the public eye. Old ones who hid love, young and brash ones bucking trends, they all exist and all deserve their day in the sun.

Unbounded Love

Additional Tags: Oh, you can feel the love tonight