The Violet Selfies? (Original By: Skeletonguys-and-ragdolls)

    We all tried to do things when we were little. I mean, after a year of living we all got it down, right? I remember I would always try and call my Grandmother, but I had no idea how to work a phone. In my frustration I would burst into tears.  As sad is it is seeing children cry, it is heartwarming to see them trying to grow up and take care of themselves. It’s their dedication and persistence that makes them adorable, especially at such a young age. Skeletonguys-and-ragdolls has created a cute short comic of young Violet doing the same thing as she tries to leave the house herself, but of course she comes to realize that life isn’t as easy as it seems.

Check out the cuteness over on tumblr or after the break


  1. A great version of that real-life sequence. This is fun. Violet's soo cute and determined. (Judy'll punch me, I'm sure for using the 'C' word, but…) Little tyke needs a hug… Thanks! Stubat

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