Story: Animal Instinct

Art by: TheWaywardKid

[Rating M16][Drama][Romance][Complete]

It’s always fun to read an author’s take on how Nick and Judy get together, and this story is no different. With some top-notch banter that feels very true to character, hustles of the emotional level, and an interesting case that potentially tears Nick and Judy apart as partners, this story proves itself worthy of a read! – Ronald Latranae (Blenderguy15)

Author: TheWaywardKid

Description :
As Judy and Nick celebrate their victory over Bellwether and begin to move on toward the future, they discover their lives may involve each other even more than they’d ever realized. But as fears and insecurities are unwittingly exposed, one of the pair begins acting strangely… When the situation appears to spiral, are things going to go too far?

Animal Instinct

Additional Tags: They can never just seem to start dating on normal circumstances, don’t they?


  1. Wow! Again, I am absolutely flattered and ecstatic to see this story featured here! I have always been more of a content consumer than a producer when it's come to previous fandoms, and I've tended to stay on the sidelines. It was ZNN that compelled me to be more active in a community, convinced me to give reading fanfics a shot and, eventually, try writing my own. I figured I'd submit this story (because hey, why not?), but it's also the very first fanfiction I've ever written about anything; I had NO expectation that it might make the cut!

    Looking back at this as a perfectionistic self-critic, I'd argue this story's strength was the dialogue and interaction. As for areas of improvement… My world-building was definitely lacking, the pacing could've been a little smoother, and I could've been a little more original at times. (These are all things I've been trying to work on since then.) As such, I'm honored ZNN still thought it worth a feature! I'd like to thank them for dealing with my wordiness and my confusion during the submission process, as I'm still fairly new to interacting within a fandom.

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