ORIGINAL SONG “City of Life” (by Fandroid MUSIC!)

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in quite a long time, I give you a song about Zootopia that ISN’T a cover of Try Everything!

I honestly have no idea how this channel, Fandroid MUSIC!, works.  It features several different “robots” that “make the music”, but I don’t entirely buy that.  Either way, I guarantee you’ll have this stuck in your head for a long time.  The lyrics are clever (“revenge may be sweet, but forgiveness is sweeter”), the animation is cute adorable, and the music will worm its way into your brain and never leave.  Bravo!

Jam along to the beat after the break!


  1. A pretty cute, nightcore-ish song. But some of the lyric choices that come up to force a rhyme are definitely weird like …

    "Turning heads and turning leaves, chasing hearts and chasing leads"

    "Where my people at? You're a popstar. Find your habitat."

    or my personal favorite

    "Revenge may be sweet, but forgiveness is sweeter. Man I'm glad I evolved like a good meat eater?"


    • Well, there IS a fish market in Tundratown, last I checked fish meat was still meat, and not all predators would be capable of surviving on bugs and vegetation, so…

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