Learn to Draw Zootopia characters with Byron Howard!

Source: Byron Howard on twitter

Let’s end the day with a bit of more good news!  Tomorrow, June 28th, at 2 PM Pacific Time, Byron Howard will be appearing live on Facebook to teach you how to draw characters from Zootopia, and even answer some questions!  Byron is an awesome guy, so it’ll be sweet to get some tips from the original artist behind the movie we all know and love.

Check it out over on the official Disney Zootopia Facebook Page!

See you there!


  1. Very interesting tidbit: can you guess what, according to Byron Howard, Nick Wilde's original name was?

    Jack Savage.

    That's right. Nick Wilde was Jack Savage at one point. I'm guessing that the jackrabbit was changed to a fox because, according to Byron Howard, he loved foxes as a kid. So it's plausible that Jack Savage was changed from a jackrabbit to a fox under Byron's suggestion. Then after that, once they came up with the 'savage serum', they decided that having that name would be a head-scratcher. So they changed his last name only. So at this point, the fox Jack Savage became the fox Jack Wilde. However, the final change to his name came about because, in the studio right next door, they were working on Gigantic, an adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk. Know where I'm going with this? They didn't want their protagonist to have the same name as the protagonist of Gigantic, and so came the final name change to Nick Wilde.

    On my theory about Jack Savage being changed from jackrabbit to fox, I've tweeted Byron Howard and we'll see if he responds.

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