Judge tosses out Zootopia Lawsuit!

Source: IZRA

Our prayers have been answered!  Glorious day!

For those of you just joining us, ZNN has been covering the ongoing legal battle between Gary Goldman and Disney over who owns Zootopia.  Goldman claimed Disney stole his ideas, Disney fired back that they had done no such thing and that Goldman was just trying to con money out of them, and Goldman restated his claims.  When we last left off, the case was being reviewed by a judge on June 26th.

Well, you don’t have to worry about there being a long, drawn-out lawsuit in this case!  During yesterday’s hearing on the complaint filed against Disney, U.S. District Judge Michael Fitzgerald ruled that Goldman had not provided enough evidence to justify the case going to court.  As reported in an article by Law360.com, Judge Fitzgerald said regarding the evidence provided by Goldman in his official complaints:

“what you’re left with is, as you have chosen in prose to allege, is it enough?  That’s where I’m having some problems.  Especially since there are suggestions that, the failure to attach itself, suspicious might be too strong a word, but it’s something I don’t necessarily have to ignore.”

Judge Fitzgerald granted Goldman permission to re-file another complaint, if he provides more details- a.k.a. the original pitch that Goldman claims Disney stole.  So, unless Goldman decides it’s worth letting his precious ideas into the public light, the matter is essentially over.  Let’s hope it’s not pre-mature to do a little victory toot-toot!


  1. Yes! It sickened my stomach when the claim was first put out there, as I did not want to believe Zootopia was a copy of somebody's work (but of course the doubt had been planted in my head regardless of how silly the visual comparison was). I was then of course glad when further info came out, allowing my doubts to disappear when it was fairly clear it was NOT a copy. I'm glad that was clear to the judge.

    I honestly hope Disney fights back in some way. The provided visuals were enough to somehow justify the claim in the public eye, tarnishing Zootopia's image (much of the public not bothering to take the time to actually consider the scant "evidence"). The judge throwing the claim out isn't going to get NEARLY the media attention the claim itself got. Disney should make a point of restoring Zootopia's image, hopefully at the expense of Goldman.

    • He'd have to bring more evidence to bear if he wants to refile, which would mean that for whatever reason he was unwilling to do so in the first place. Most likely because the evidence in question could not stand up against a robust defence.

  2. Wait… Did Goldman actually NOT submit his treatments? If not, it's as if he knew that Disney's lawyers could tear that apart in court. If that IS the case, unless there is going to be fabrication of evidence, Goldman would be wise not to refile.

    If I were Disney I would pre-empt any such attempts by countersuing.

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